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Floating Away! - watercolor, pastel, mircron pen



I am looking for  Therapist, Counselors, and Teachers! With whom I can work with, and or teach splosh to. To be able to write an instructional book will require experience. 



Want to learn how to splosh it up?

So....What are Splosh? And What are Splosh Marks?

Why do I want to do splosh? And how can you do it?



I feel Splosh Work is a new artistic tool that can be used as an individualized projective diagnostic tool. Looking at the artwork on my website will show  you what it can be! I have learned it can be more than this! It would have possible merit in it's use as a tool for the Rorschach Method, and certainly as a complimentary therapy tool. I invite counselors and therapist to investigate Splosh Work as I have and continue to do. I will continually hold workshops and certainly  upon request. If you have a space I will come to you, and I also offer my own. The first of the month is free. Please RSVP at 207-929-6179 or email at

There is further purpose for the splosh work classes and workshops,  and that is that I wish to wrap up an instructional book project about splosh. This is not a part of the classes it self. But merely the fact  by doing it I will have feed back on splosh. I am seeing the joy from those I have taught splosh too. And I have learned that people personalize splosh and bring to it part of themselves, as well as their own creativeness. I can see where people can take splosh, and I foresee how it can help others! Counselors, therapist, teachers, students, and clients alike. I can further develop other types of splosh, and have additional work shops.Driving instructions upon request.

Note: Interesting article on the Rorschach Method by Goldie Ruth Kaback PhD on the Wiley online Library/Journal of Counseling & Development  The Vocational Guidance.



I will be ready for regular Splosh Work Classes to be  held first of July


Contact me: pejj@ or call 207-929-6179.  July Splosh Work Classes!  RSVP.  Small class size. Classes are held here at Anisette Studios Hollis Center or the Old White Church Buxton, Maine. Driving instructions will be available. Note: Classes are held for everyone! This said, I am targeting specific target groups. (Counselors,Therapist and Teachers.) My goal is to write an instructional book about splosh. So far, the splosh I have created, and the splosh my students have create, simply lead to yet another type of splosh works!  It seems endless fun! So do give me a call!




What am I planning in addition to classes: I am thinking of an exhibition of your splosh work for your family and friends. I am thinking that we can hold a juried show as a part of the exhibition experience. One prize can be to be in the instructional book, and to have so many free. Your work could be published as an example of what people can do when they create splosh.


Another goal of my is to help kids, or anyone with cancer! I think splosh work would help people who are sick too! If you know of someone I can net work with, do let me know of them or let them know about me!


Splosh Work Friends! In the future! My Goal for  2015 or 2016

(1) That I am closer to publishing the instructional book about Splosh Works! By Pejj Nunes!  And I plan to exhibit more splosh works! Make new connections in Cleveland and some other places? Perhaps! There are some ideas in the wings!


(2) There is second book in the wings, not mine but one Patricia Heath's. The book is about a white kitty. I am to create splosh images for Pat's book.


(3) A third book project is a  poetry book with splosh work. This is project is being discussed with Dr. Heidi Heft La Porte.




Also are you interested in Portfolio Management Classes? Someone heading off to art school? Contact me!



~News from Anisette Studios!~


Going to have a new grand baby named Emmalie Edith! She is dilating!!!!


New works are out there! And more to come!


I have added Dr. Stephanie Collins office to my gallery experience. . There splosh works at her South Portland, Maine office. Rack cards regarding Anisette Studio and Splosh Classes, and my business cards are available.


At the end of summer: Anisette Studios is planning to open officially to the public with regular hours! There will be an announcement! 


A bit of hopeful news! Splosh Works just may be spreading! Just where and how I want it to! To target groups just where it will grow, and help young people in this case to be creative! One of my splosh students, Helen, may be teaching splosh at the Shaw House in Bangor, Maine! I will keep you posted when and if indeed this happens! Cross your fingers! This is very exciting for me! I really want to help the world around me and if I can do it through art that will be fantastic!Looking to teach classes in this way with other such groups! Counselors, teachers....


Now Shaw House is a place for young people who need help getting underway in life! If you'd like to have a good cause to help! Places like Shaw House can certainly use the help!


You can now find me on the Society of Children's Books  writers and Illustrators as Pejj Nunes. I have just begun to put my work on the sight so please bare with me.


You can also see works at



You are welcome to use images of my paintings on your website. Click here for my Image 'Use" Policy.